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My iArcade Trophies

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Bombs Away

You are a bird kill the enemys on the beach
My Trophy Score: 400
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River Kayak

if you like watersports, this is adventure is full of fun! Pratice your Kayak skills, and be careful to avoid trees and rocks that block your path until you reach the end point! Each time you touch the security tire you get 10 points
My Trophy Score: 80
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Tarzan and Jane Adventure Jungle Jump

A Adventure Of Tarzan and Jane finding diamonds and avoiding obsticles
My Trophy Score: 1500
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QB Challenge

How many yards can you throw?
My Trophy Score: 145
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Quick Shoot

Score basket in 3 around<br>Score as many basket as you can&#33;
My Trophy Score: 24
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Destroy all flying saucers.
My Trophy Score: 50
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Skeet Shoot

Shoot down the skeet&#39;s
My Trophy Score: 75
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